Swix V60 Burkvalla Red/Silver +3 / -0

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Mounting ramp for cross-country skis. Too hot fore.

Red/silver-colored fastening rope in the classic V series. Provides good grip when touring, training and competition. Apply in thin layers and smooth with cork.


  • Fort walla
  • Too hot fore
  • For skiers
  • Gives good grip

New, falling snow from +3 °C to 0 °C. Old/transformed snow from +1 °C to -1 °C. This walla is used up to +3 °C on moist/"sticky", new snow and down to -1 °C on older coarse snow. Apply more layers the higher the temperature to ensure good adhesion.

The V series is designed for both competitive and recreational skiing. The quality is very high thanks to carefully selected, sophisticated whey grades, synthetic rubbers and oils that meet strict health requirements.

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