Swix Skin Cleaner N22

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New Swix Skin Cleaner for integrated spurs.

Swix Skin Cleaner is an effective cleaning agent for your skin skis. Truly a must for maintaining your skin.

Swix Skin Cleaner is developed to clean the skin of the ski in a gentle way, without affecting the skin's adhesion.

Over time, the skin of the ski collects dirt and debris from the ski tracks, which makes the skin both slower and less efficient. By using Swix Skin Cleaner, you restore the leather's original properties.

Instructions for use:

Used after you leave. Spray the cleaning agent on the supplied tissue paper. Wipe clean the leather from top to end. The skins will be both cleaned and impregnated for new miles in the tracks.

70 ml.

This product is advantageously used together with Swix Skin Boost N21

by Swix