Swix Pro TS8 Black +4 / -4 40g

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Gives particularly good glide on artificial snow and transformed natural snow.

Competition glider Recommended at temperatures from -4 °C to +4 °C.


  • Very durable
  • Perfect base for top walla
  • Gives good glide in varying bows
  • A good choice on artificial snow.

TS8B is harder than the other TS8 products in the PRO system. This extra hardness makes the pad more robust and therefore absorbs less dirt. The black additive reduces friction in dirty snow. This is particularly noticeable when the dam is used alone. The bank has very good test results on artificial snow and snow that has been transformed into old natural snow. Ironing on a skate or alpine ski with a wax iron should take about 8–10 s. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better wear resistance. It is important to have a good whey iron in order to melt the whey effectively. The TS8B can be used as a competition pad in itself or as a basis for other competition products. The recommended temperature of the cast iron is 150 °C.

by Swix