Swix Pro TS7 Liquid Violet -2 / -7

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Liquid top wadding that does not require wadding iron. Perfect for competition.

Easiest way to get a good glide in competition or training. Recommended at temperatures from -2 °C to -8 degrees.


  • Fluid yet very durable
  • Excellent as a base for top walla
  • Gives good glide in varying bows
  • The Swix TS series of floating gliders was recommended during the 2021 World Ski Championships

A floating top dam designed for competition use. The TS07L is at its best in normal winter conditions, below zero degrees. It can handle a variety of bows, regardless of humidity. Hold the bottle 10-15 cm above the coating and spray on a thin layer. To even out the product and remove excess liquid, we recommend brushing with a felt cap (T0021) immediately after application. Then let the product dry and polish with a nylon brush. For better wear resistance, we recommend rubbing the product with Roto-fleece (T0018F-2) after it dries and then polishing with a nylon brush.

Don't forget that you need a nice nylon brush for these products.
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