Swix Pro PS10 Yellow +10 / -0 180g

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Provides good skiing in plus temperatures. Also suitable as a foundation

Glidvalla for foundation walling, ski trips and training in warm weather. PS10 is recommended from 0 °C to +10 degrees.


  • A versatile walla for warm bows
  • Low melting point and easy application
  • Replaces CH10X
  • For ski trips, training, competition and grounding.

The PS10 is an affordable wall for ski trips and training. Also works great as a foundation. Easy to melt and very flexible to work with. Ironing on a skate or alpine ski with a wax iron should take about 8–10 s. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better wear resistance. It is important to have a good whey iron in order to melt the whey effectively. Recommended temperature of the cast iron 120 °C.

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