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Starts Tjärvallor for fresh snow conditions. Suitable for exercisers in all snow conditions.

For fine-grained fresh snow with low relative humidity. Fresh snow often results in an uneven track surface. It is difficult to get a foothold and there is a high risk of sub-freezing. The tar piles are specially adapted for fresh snow conditions because they adapt to the temperature, which means that they have a wide range of use and counteract the risk of hypo-freezing. The whey consistency is relatively soft and requires a base wax when used, usually Start regular Base Wax . The tar rolls become harder in the cold and should always be applied outside so that they can be applied in thin, even layers. It makes the result better and makes them easy to use.

Start by roughing up the surface of the skis. 100 grit sandpaper is recommended. Also keep in mind that the sealing wax must be corked with synthetic cork .

0°...-3°C (32°...27°F)
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