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Service kit for skin skis. Contains sliding wax for the ski's sliding zones as well as agents that clean and maintain the skin so that the skin provides both better gliding and better grip.

The skins on new skin skis are Teflon-treated. This treatment only lasts for about 10-15 miles. After that, they need to be maintained. In this kit there are cleaning wipes that clean the leather and agents that re-impregnat the leather for additional miles in the tracks. This agent also prevents freezing

The re-impregnation is also a good sliding wall that is used for the ski's sliding surfaces. Cork is included for corking the sliding pad onto the sliding surfaces after it has dried. Corking means that the sliding wall stays in place for an extra long time. The sliding wall can also be used without corking it.

  1. Clean the cover and skin with the wet wipes that are included.
  2. Shake the bottle
  3. Apply to the entire coating (including the dermis)
  4. Let dry for 5 min
  5. Polish the sliding surfaces with the natural cork for extra good results
The package contains:
  • Skin Grip Glider 60ml
  • 3 pcs Skingrip Wipe Easy Cleaner Wheal removal cloth
  • 1st V alla block natural cork/fleece.

Each cleaning cloth is enough to clean/treat a pair of skis. The sliding roller is enough to glide the skis until the skin needs to be cleaned/treated again. This means that this kit can normally last a whole season.

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