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Start RG Ultra Fluorine-free ski slopes are currently among the best you can replace fluorine slopes with for the best glide.

These ramps are thoroughly tested in Torsby Ski Tunnel by various national teams during the summer and the results are surprisingly good. We strongly believe that these dikes will be among the best to replace fluoride dikes in the 2020/21 season.

The replacement for previous high-fluoride dikes, many times better than previous high-fluoride dikes.

Gives good glide and stays put for a very long time.

Vallan can be applied in several different ways, we recommend the following way, and assumes that the ski is cleaned and brushed.

1. Melt on the ridge on the sliding surfaces of the ski. The iron should be at 120 degrees. Use plenty of whey to protect the coating and avoid burning it.
2. Let cool for a minute.
3. Sickle away as much as you can with Plexiglas sickle .
4. Brush out with brass bristles
5. Polish with a nylon brush.
6. If you want to win, add one as well topping , otherwise Go!

Whey iron temp 120°C
60 grams

Start's brand new RG Racing Glider Series is the next generation of fluorine-free technoceramic sliding wall. 
Advanced blends of many ceramic compounds affect the nanostructure of the sliding surface to reduce both wet and dry friction with new levels of durability.
In addition, additives are offered by graphite which improves performance in new snow while additives of molybdenum improves performance in old converted and artificial snow.

Vallan is available in two different series, where both series are available in both solid and liquid form.

Start RG Race fixed & liquid is the series that replaces low and medium fluoride weirs.

Start RG Ultra fixed & liquid is the series that replaces and many times even surpasses the properties of high-fluoride dams. RG Ultra is also available in a finisher/topping series.

"Real innovation for real racing"

Overview of Start's various fluorine-free RG ski slopes (pdf file)

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