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This well-tested tape barrier is easy to apply and is suitable for both competitive skaters and exercisers. In the best case, it lasts the whole season, several hundred kilometers. Because this adhesive tape works in all bows, you don't have to re-mould when the bow changes, and thus you don't need several different fastening moats.

The package contains 5 m of tape, which is enough for 2-3 pairs of skis.

When you use Start Tape, your skis are always ready for a ski trip.

Instructions for how to use the tape are clearly described on the packaging.

A tip! Buy for one Tape Cover to cover the tape berm in colder conditions if there is fresh snow in the tracks to reduce the risk of freezing in the tape.

When you change the tape on your skis, you need the following two products:
Start Tape Cleaner - Sprayed on to dissolve old tapes. Regular wax removal also works well if you already have it.
Start Tape sickle - Specially designed to remove old tape.


5 meters
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