Skigo Combination brush brass/nylon

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SKIGO's Combi brush is divided into a brass part and a nylon part. A perfect disregard for those who have just started skiing. With SKIGO's Combi brush, you will go a long way in both removing paraffin residues and polishing the surface before training.
The brass is gentle on the coating and easily cleans the ski's coating. Before adding new paraffin, pull 3-5 strokes with the brass part over the coating to clean and open up the coating.

You use the nylon part after you have re-applied paraffin and sickled the ski. The nylon brush removes the last paraffin residues and polishes the coating. The nylon part of SKIGO's Combi brush is a little stiffer precisely so that you can quickly and smoothly prepare your skis to get out into the groove.

• Clean the coating (Brass part)
• Removes residual paraffin
• Highlights the structure
• Polishes the coating
All SkiGo's roto brushes and hand brushes are manufactured in Sweden!!
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