Ski labels (8 pcs)

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Extremely resistant and elastic ski labels!

Keep track of which angle you have on the steel edges of the skis, and you also have an eye on right and left and which set it is if, for example, you have several different slalom skis.

Clearly stated angles are worth their weight in gold if someone other than you is going to sharpen the ski for you.

Of course, nothing is filled in on the labels, you fix that yourself with a marker pen.

The labels have a long and strong durability and excellent adhesion so you don't have to worry about its message fading or falling off after a short time. The label is made of an extremely durable PE material and is perfect for use in the most demanding environments. The labels are elastic, withstand salt water and stick incredibly well to all kinds of surfaces. The elasticity of the labels means that they also fit perfectly on curved parts of the ski.

Weather resistant
Thanks to the special PE material, the labels can withstand salt water, water, UV radiation and temperatures from -40 C to +150 C, making them perfect for use outdoors and in areas under high stress such as extreme heat, water, wiping and on curved objects - - ideal for marking on alpine skis in salted spring pistes.

Environmentally friendly
Carbon dioxide emissions from product materials and the manufacturing process are compensated through climate projects. The product is 100% manufactured and processed in Germany. The carbon dioxide emissions at the production plant are compensated by climate projects. Klor and PVC-free PE material

One package contains 8 labels which are enough for 4 pairs of skis.

Size: 63.5 x 33.9mm