Sole protection for boots

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The market's best sole protection for boots. Easy to put on and take off and protects the boots. Has a rounded sole that is easy to walk with, as well as a very good grip.

With Ski Boot Traction you can walk safely and comfortably with your boots. The tapered shape in the tip makes the movement of the foot easier and more natural, while the asymmetric pattern makes it safer to walk in snow.

  • Flexible and durable/strong rubber.
  • Foldable, takes up minimal space.
  • Inner frame for better grip on your boots.
  • A size that is easily adjusted to your exact size.
  • Makes walking in snow easy.
  • Protects the outer sole of your boots against gravel and dirt.

Size adjustment: Check the length of the outer sole of your boots in mm. Adjust the Ski Boot Traction's traction device to the corresponding size (down). The tip of the arrow indicates the selected size. Fix with a screwdriver. Mount the unit on the boot.

Sold in pairs

Size: One size

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