Carrot Grinding Stone #120

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Carrot by Comax - Whetstone for Steel edge sharpener

Synthetic whetstone - Grit 120

After several years of experimentation with servicemen, competitive skiers and regular alpine skiers from world elite to club level, Comax has developed seven different types of whetstones for its famous edge sharpener. These stones are divided into three groups - Synthetic, Ceramic and Diamond grinding stones, which cover all grinding needs in the alpine world. You can buy all these different stones as accessories from us.

  • 80 recreational skiing or children's training (Black)
  • 120 training children or adults (Red)
  • 240 competition SL or GS (Yellow)
  • 320 Competition Super G (Blue)
  • 500 race DH (Green)
  • Finishing 46 for competition on dirty abrasive snow with sand/gravel
  • 240 ceramic (europa cup) riding on a very hard surface
  • 500 diamond (world cup) skating on clean ice / paved track
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