Carrot Steel edge grinder

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Patented edge grinder with inclined grinding stone that grinds the edge in one direction to avoid beards on the edge. If you want a sharper edge that is less aggressive, this is the sharpener for you. The stones are easily changed and are available in different grits to suit all disciplines and surfaces. The M31 does not need to be calibrated or serviced as the angles are fixed and the motor is hermetically sealed. Take your skiing to new levels!

CARROT by Comax is an efficient and fast electric ski grinder. This sharpening for maintenance of your steel edges is revolutionary both for the absolute host stop but also for you who are alpine exercise skiers. This steel edge grinder is also used successfully by the majority of ski shops.

CARROT by Comax is designed and developed by Comax who, thanks to their many years of experience in knife and scissor sharpening, this steel edge sharpener gives you efficiency, quality, portability and a fantastic end result.

The steel edge grinder is supplied in a bag with a flexible format and the CARROT by Comax is easy to use in any situation, always providing professional results thanks to the availability of different angle fittings and replaceable grinding wheels with varying grit sizes.

A kit contains:

  • 1 Grinding machine CARROT M31
  • 2 angle fittings - 87 and 888°
  • 1 whetstone 120
  • 1 hose connection for extracting sanding dust to a vacuum cleaner
  • 1 transformer (100-240 volts)
  • 1 screwdriver
  • Transport bag

The following sharpening stones are available for purchase on our site:

We offer a 2-year warranty on the product. Service, repair & spare parts.

(After several years of experimentation with servicemen, competitive skiers and regular alpine skiers from world elite to club level, Comax has developed seven different types of grinding stones for this machine. These stones are divided into three groups - Synthetic, Ceramic and Diamond grinding stones, which cover all grinding needs in the alpine world. You can buy all these different stones as accessories and read more about them right here.)

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