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A booster strap is one of the best accessories you can buy for your alpine equipment.

It is an elastic strap that replaces the existing strap on your boots. You can tighten it really tight because it has elastic bands. What you gain by having a Booster strap is that you get a tighter fit, with constant pressure, which contributes to better power transfer between the shin and boot, plus you get a more compliant flex.

Booster Straps give you maximum performance from your boots. Extraordinary control and feeling in riding. A positive effect that the strap has is that the more even pressure spares the shins and periosteums from pain.

On most boots, you can easily replace the original strap with this strap. The BOOSTER STRAP is attached to the outside of the rear part of the shell and it should always rest against the inner shoe for best results, i.e. inside the shell on the front side.

When you tighten your strap, you stretch it out 2-3 cm so that the strap gets the best effect and the right amount of pressure.

If you don't feel a dramatic change the first time you use the booster bands, they are probably too loose or incorrectly fitted. If it feels like the booster bands are pushing you back, they are too tight.

A good rule of thumb for which Boosterband to choose is to follow the boot's flex.

Less than 100 flex - Intermediate Soft
110 to 130 in flex - Medium
Over 130 in flex - World Cup

There is plenty of adjustment in the straps so the World Cup strap can be tightened a little looser to be like a Medium and Medium can be made to be like a Soft. If you are unsure, take a stronger strap.

Sold in pairs.

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