Terms of purchase


Skidvalla.se sells goods via the internet to private individuals in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark. Companies & Municipalities can order by phone and e-mail. To shop with us, you must be 18 years of age. The products we sell can be used in Sweden and they have a Swedish manual or instruction manual when the product requires it, either in physical or digital form. Usual guarantees are given on products where a guarantee is applicable and any guarantees are valid in Sweden and only for first-time buyers. More information can be found in the respective product's user manual.


Ordering is done on our website www. skidvalla.se. If you have questions about how to order, you are welcome to email contact@ skidvalla.se. Completed order means that you accept our terms of purchase and consent to your name and social security number being registered in our customer register. A purchase agreement is only made when we have confirmed the order by sending an order confirmation to the email address you specified. We reserve the right to correct orders if delivery cannot be made for any reason, and if you have placed multiple orders we reserve the right to combine your orders and deliver them in one package.

Prices and product images

All prices are stated in Swedish kronor including VAT. Any shipping costs are added, depending on which shipping option you choose when ordering.

The product images on the website do not guarantee that the exact appearance and nature of the item is reproduced. We reserve the right for any errors in the product information and reserve the right to change product information and prices without prior notice.

Ski slope reserves the right for any errors in price and product information or otherwise on the website. In the event of any inaccuracies, skidvalla.se reserves the right to correct this afterwards. We reserve the right for price adjustments, final sales, inventory differences, technical problems, changes to technical specifications and any typographical errors on our site or in our advertisements. We reserve the right to cancel incorrect orders. No changes take place after an approved order, your order will be approved after checkout in connection with us giving you an order confirmation.

Personal data

In connection with your registration and/or order, you agree to our privacy policy regarding personal data, which you can find via this link, Personal data / Privacy policy You hereby agree that we store and use your data in our business to complete and provide the service you can expect from us. According to the GDPR (data protection regulation), you have the right to receive the information that we have registered about you. Please contact our Customer service then we will help you.

The information you provide about yourself is used by skidvalla.se and our partners for payment and delivery. We guarantees that no information about you will be sold or passed on to third parties. Skidwalla uses information from the customer register for mailings about our products. You will receive our newsletter when you go through the express checkout, you can also subscribe to our newsletter when you register as a customer. You can cancel your subscription at any time, either via the link in the newsletter or by contacting our customer service.

We reserve the right to cancel orders that contain incorrect personal data and/or where the customer has payment complaints.


All content on this website, such as text, graphics, logos, images, sound clips, digital downloads and other software, belongs to skidvalla.se or our suppliers and is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws.

Shipping and delivery

At checkout you can choose between different shipping methods. Read more about shipping methods, prices and delivery time here.

All orders placed on non-holiday weekdays before the shipping method's cut-off time (when Posten collects our packages) are normally sent from us on the same day. Orders placed on evenings/weekends/holidays are normally sent the next working day, provided we have the item in stock.

Our various shipping options normally take 1-2 business days to arrive after being shipped from our warehouse. When the goods have left our warehouse, it is always possible to follow via the shipping companies that deliver your order within the specified time for the selected shipping method. Skidwalla.se cannot provide any delay guarantee for goods that are not in stock at the time of ordering or for goods that have left our warehouse. This means that the total delivery time before the item reaches you may be longer than what is stated as normal for the selected shipping method.

Ski slope.ses customers always have the right to cancel the purchase in case of delivery delays. There may be occasions that make it impossible for us to fulfill the order, for example if our supplier cannot fulfill his commitment to us..
Contact our Customer service if you wish to cancel your purchase.

Shipping method

Post MyPack

Normally takes 1-2 business days to arrive after it is shipped from our warehouse. Shipping cost SEK 0 - over SEK 299, otherwise SEK 49. Your goods are sent with Posten MyPack to a postal agent. You choose which agent the package should be sent to. When the package has arrived at the agent, you will receive a notification. You choose which notification method you prefer: e-mail or SMS.

Posten Goods letter 1st class

Normally takes 1 business day to arrive after it is shipped from our warehouse. Shipping cost SEK 0 - over SEK 299, otherwise SEK 49. Your goods are delivered to the mailbox. Items deemed to be too large for the letterbox are delivered to your nearest delivery point and you receive a notification. This is usually sent as an SMS.

Track your package

When your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation to your email address. The delivery confirmation contains a tracking link that you can click to track your shipment.

Shipment ID for package

A package always gets a package ID (alt. tracking number) that can be used to track the package. You can find the parcel ID via the tracking link in the delivery confirmation sent to your email address as soon as the package has left our warehouse. With package ID, you can track your package from when it is sorted by the shipping company until you collect your package.

If you have not received a notification but see via the tracking link that the package has arrived at the agent, it is fine to pick up packages sent with Posten with parcel ID and identification. You can find the parcel ID/tracking number/serial number in the delivery confirmation sent to your email address.

Consignment ID for consignment note

With the shipment ID for consignment notes, you can see when the consignment note passes postal terminals and possibly ends up at Posten's delivery point. However, this tracking is not as detailed as for packages. You can find the shipment ID for the consignment note in the delivery confirmation that is sent to your e-mail address as soon as the package has left our warehouse. When a parcel has been sorted at the postal terminal, a delivery notification is sent to you either via SMS, e-mail or letter telling you that your delivery is on its way and when it is expected to be delivered to you. If the postman believes that the letter will fit in the letterbox, it will be delivered directly to the recipient's letterbox. Items considered to be too bulky are handed over to the nearest delivery point and a notification with a four-digit serial number is sent either via SMS, e-mail or letter. With the serial number, you can pick up your consignment note at Posten's delivery point. If you have not received the notification, you can also retrieve the consignment note using the shipment ID that you will find in the delivery confirmation.

At the agent

To pick up your shipment, you need your ID and the number that you find in the SMS or e-mail notification.

If for some reason you miss the notification, it is fine to pick up packages with package ID/tracking number/serial number and identification. You can find the parcel ID/tracking number/serial number in the delivery confirmation sent to your email address.

Remember that you must always be able to show identification when picking up packages. Only the person with the name on the package can pick it up at the agent.

The shipment is with the postal agent for 14 days (Posten) before it is returned to us. We reserve the right to charge the costs for handling that arise in the case of unclaimed packages (return shipping, shipping costs, etc.). Therefore, we charge a fee of SEK 150 if a package is not collected. Please therefore note that if you regret a purchase and want to return the product, you must first pick up the package and then return it as described on our website.

Delivery delay

Delivery times may be extended as unforeseen delays may occur along the way.

We have almost all the products we sell in stock. Some products may instead be in the supplier's warehouse, from where we immediately order it and send it on to you. Should any product also be out of the supplier's stock, delivery delays will occur and then customer service will contact you via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help you with suggestions for an equivalent product if one exists.

To certain parts of Norrland and to Gotland, Posten delivers with a delay of one or two days, this is not always included in the estimated delivery time we state on the website. This concerns, for example, certain towns with postcodes starting with 82-84, 86-89 and 91-98.


In association with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer both invoice payment and partial payment where the payment is made directly to Klarna.

By leaving information at checkout, you agree Klarna's terms and conditions. By clicking "Complete purchase" you agree to our terms of purchase.

Klarna's payment options:
● Pay within 14 days: Payment period is 14 days from the dispatch of the goods. The invoice is sent via email in connection with the order being sent from our warehouse. You can find the conditions for paying within 14 days here.

● Account: Klarna Account is an account credit provided by Klarna and which gives the borrower the opportunity to pay in installments for their purchases monthly with at least 1/24 (minimum SEK 50) of the total used credit amount or in accordance with the conditions approved at the till. For more information about Klarna Account including general conditions and Standardized European consumer credit information you can find here.

You will find more information about Klarna here and can read their terms of use here.

In order to be able to offer a set of different payment options, we need to share your personal, contact and order details with the provider of the respective payment service. We recommend you read our privacy policy.

The use of this information is regulated in accordance with the current data protection law and Klarna's privacy policy.

Right of withdrawal and return

As a customer, you always have the right of cancellation according to the Distance and Home Sales Act, we have extended this to apply for 30 days. The cancellation period starts from the day you received the item. A condition, however, is that the item is unused and undamaged. You have the right to open the packaging free of charge to check that and how the product works within reasonable limits, the product must not be used carelessly. If the item is not in unchanged condition, we may make a price deduction corresponding to the item's decrease in value.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods that, with a broken seal, cannot be suitably returned due to health or hygiene reasons and the seal has been broken by the consumer.

Email us at contact@ skidvalla.se. We need the following information:

a) order number (found in your order confirmation, on the delivery note or invoice)

b) your name and contact details

c) number and name of the products that are desired to be returned

Ski slope.se wants to confirm the return and that the cancellation period has not passed before the goods are sent back. You have 30 days to return the item from the time the notice of regret has been sent. However, you have an unconditional right of withdrawal and do not have to wait for our notification. We recommend that the return is made with Posten goods letter or Posten Företagpaket. The customer is responsible for return costs according to Posten's postage table and is responsible for the item until it has reached us. Returns may not be sent as cash on delivery.

You are welcome to use the Konsumentverkt's cancellation form, which you can find here: Repentance form.

Return address
Ski slope.se / Vita Guldet AB
Terminalvägen 21
861 36 Timrå

If you have an unpaid invoice for your order, it is important that you move the due date forward yourself. That's what you do klarna.se or by calling 08-120 120 10. When we have received and checked the returned item, we will refund the entire purchase price as soon as possible, including any shipping costs (not the return shipping), but no later than within 14 days from the day we received the notice of cancellation, according to the Distance Contracts Act . If you have paid by invoice or direct payment, we transfer the money to your bank account. If you have paid by card, we will credit the return amount to your card.

Unclaimed packages

We reserve the right to charge the costs for handling that arise in the case of unclaimed packages (return shipping, shipping costs, etc.). Therefore, we charge a fee of SEK 150 if a package is not collected. The shipment is with the postal agent for 14 days before it is returned to us. Please therefore note that if you regret a purchase and want to return the product, you must first pick up the package and then return it as described above.


If you have received a defective or incorrectly shipped product, please contact us immediately Customer service. Please describe the error in as much detail as possible. If we cannot solve the problem, you can of course complain about the product. Making a complaint means that you contact us and tell us that you are not satisfied with a product that you have purchased. You also tell us why you are not satisfied. A complaint process is usually very simple, but can also be complicated, get in touch with us Customer service then we will help you in the best way.

Consider this

  • In order for you to be able to claim the product, the fault must be original, that is, it must have existed when you received the product. An original fault does not necessarily have to appear immediately when you receive the item. It may be an original error even if it manifests itself after some time.
  • Normal wear and tear does not fall under original faults, and you must not have caused the fault yourself.
  • You have the right to make a complaint about a product for three years after you receive it.

Your rights in the event of a product fault
If it turns out to be an original error, you may be entitled to:

  • Get the item repaired (remedial)
  • Receive an equivalent, defect-free product (redelivery)
  • Get a discount on the price
  • Cancel the purchase
  • Withhold payment
  • Receive damages

You cannot make all demands at the same time. As a rule, we have the right to try to fix the defective item or send a new item. As a consumer, you cannot demand a cancellation and the money back immediately, but we must first be given the opportunity to remedy the error.

It is important that you contact us and tell us about the error as soon as possible. If you advertise within two months, it is always considered to have taken place at the right time.

It is always you who must be able to demonstrate that the product is actually faulty. During the first six months after the purchase of an item, it is us as the seller who must prove that the fault did not exist from the beginning. When more than six months have passed, you must be able to prove that there is an original defect in the goods.

In the event of an approved complaint, the consumer has the right to recover all costs and can also demand compensation for other costs incurred in connection with the complaint, such as return shipping. However, the consumer must always reduce his damage.

In the event of a dispute, we follow The General Complaints Board's recommendations.

Any dispute must be resolved by either the General Complaints Board (ARN) in Sweden or the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution (EU ODR).
ARN: http://www.arn.se/
Box 174, 10123 Stockholm
ARN in other languages: http://www.arn.se/other-languages/
EU ODR: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

"No purchase is complete until you as a customer are completely satisfied. When you shop at Skidwalla.see you can always feel safe."